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Welcome to Mountain Mama Originals!

Welcome to Mountain Mama Originals, home of beautiful hand-crafted clothing. Each piece I make is original, uniquely designed and made to last for years. I love using hand-dyed hemp material and my own creative applique designs. Please scroll down my sidebar to learn more about clothing options and to see pictures of previous work. Then send me an email explaining what you would like. We’ll figure out your sizes and pricing and soon you’ll have your own Mountain Mama Original to wear with pride. There’s a reason why so many customers keep coming back! My email address is

I have been working on 2 new styles of hats a conductor and an apple jack hat. Made out of upholestry rements. They are lined in hemp and with unique buttons to add to the individual style. I also am working on making some of these out of leather too.

 What is great about these fabrics are that they are totally recycled from a furniture store fabric books.  I will be posting new pic’s soon.

Also I have been working on a few styles of aprons. Here are an examples and if your interested in purchasing there are some available in the “Shop Here” page.  Also because they are prints the only way I can take a custom order is with the hemp with an applique. And that will be $15 more then the print. Making it $65. Thank you again for all your support.


Articles in the paper about the Hemp Fashion Show!!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!


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Past Creations

If you see anything you like. Email me and we can create a piece for you. Thank you and enjoy.

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Hemp Jackets

There are different styles of jackets that are displayed on this page. Some are fully lined, buttons, zippers, pullover, but all have a lined hood. Scroll down if something catches your eye. Send me an email and we can start design you a jacket of your own.

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Hemp Hiker Pants

Hemp Hiker pants—always popular! Unless you specify otherwise, I will make 1 pockets and use decorative applique design on the bottom of pants. The pants are always made out of hemp, usually the Hemp Diva blend. These pants are great for hiking or just a casual day.

I love the pattern of my pants, especially the ‘v’ stitching in the back of the pants. The drawstring hole is reinforced with an eyelet and drawstring (instead making a fabric drawstring). There are always fancy stitches to be found on the front of the legs and pockets.

There is elastic from hip to hip and a drawstring in the front so the pants are able to fit your specific body shape. There are 3 different size and you get to chose the inseam length. In fact, you get to choose the color of fabric, stitching, length, and applique design. How often do you get those kind of choices when it comes to the clothing you wear? My goal is to make you feel unique in your clothing, not another walking cookie cutter outfit.

All my clothing is pre-washed, serged and bottom-stitched and top-stitched. This makes it more durable. The quality stitching plus the durablity of hemp makes for a pair of pants that will last you a lifetime, and the applique adds art to these pieces of clothing to make the multi-fuctional.

Scroll through the picture below to get some ideas about what you would like (click on the pics to enlarge them, if needed), and then let me know what you’d like!

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Little People

Organic Hemp for your little person with style and durability. Theses are past creations. If you see anything you like we can design a piece for your little person. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Bags, Hats and Aprons

These are past examples of what I have made. Check out what I have in “Shop Here” if there isn’t anything there you like and you see something here you fancy I will work with you on designing a new piece. Click on picture to enlarge.

Vintage Style Aprons

A mix of Scallop style and classic style of aprons.

Purses Range from size and style:

Hemp Hats are lined and have fancy buttons sewed on them. I will soon be showing my upholstery hat that are lined in light weight hemp. Keep coming back for more changes and styles.

Upholstery hats $35

Apple Jack Hat

Conductor Hat

Hemp hats $40

These are sheepskin hats that I make with Beaver trim. Living in Alaska it gets extremely cold and knit hats don’t cut it. I took a fur sewing class last winter and was able to get the art down. With the little girls hats and Mama’s I add glass or stone beads to the stitching to give it a flavor of attitiude. These hats are amazingly soft and durable.

Girl’s Chore hats- $80

Mama’s Chore hats -$150 boy’s Chore hats- $70 Daddy’s Chore hats- $160

Yoga bags are great if you are biking to your class or walking. On average they are between $25-30.

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Older Posts

For Sale NOW on Ebay (auction items change weekly):

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Hemp Yoga Clothing

Comfortable, Durable, and VERY Popular!
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Wrap Skirts

Gorgeous One-of-a-Kind Wrap Skirts. Click picture to learn more.

Applique Gallery

Beautiful, Original, and High Quality Applique. Click picture for options.

Hemp Hiker Pants

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Previous Designs

Click the picture below to see a wide variety of clothing I've designed in the past.

Hemp Jackets

Durable hemp with diverse styles Click picture:

Hats, Bags and Aprons

Little People